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Knight Rider Dark T-Shirt

Get back to the 80's with the Knight Rider TV series featuring KITT and Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff) and this 'voice of KIT' black Knight Rider T-shirt available in both long and short sleeved T-Shirts eight color options and available in styles for both men and women.

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KITT which is short for The Knight Industry Two Thousand (K. I. T. T.) probably along with the car in the Dukes of hazard the most famouse car ever on TV and was for many people the star of the show. KITT boasted artificial intelligence and was able to reason, talk and drive himself. KITT was actually a highly modified Pontiac Trans Am and in the Knight Rider Series was capable of reaching speeds of 300mph. KITT's speech is depicted as a 'voice modulator' located above the customised steering wheel and that is what is shown on these t-shirts.


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